Gardeners Sutton Coldfield

You want your garden to be amazingly beautiful but you never seem to get round to putting some work into it? Then you might need some professional help from our gardeners based in Sutton Coldfield. If you are looking for the best gardeners in Sutton Coldfield then you have arrived to the right place, Beautiful…

Landscape Design

The basics of Landscape Design A beautiful landscape helps make a beautiful home, and you want to find out some advice that will help you along. Knowing what to do takes not only the necessary information, tools, and supplies, but it also takes practice. Keep reading for some useful tips on landscape design for attaining…

Finding the Right Gardener

For any homeowner who wants to find the right gardener within the Sutton Coldfield area, it is important to have an idea of what is required. Gardeners do a wide range of things and getting the right one means getting one who specializes in what the homeowner in question wants. Every homeowner should therefore have…

Driveway And Patio Maintenance


Driveway And Patio Maintenance involves a number of different tools and techniques, depending on both your needs and the surface of the driveway. The most common technique is high-pressure cleaning, which is a very versatile technique:

High-pressure cleaning

We use a variety of techniques to clean driveways and patios, depending on their size and surface type. High-pressure cleaners can be used as direct jets, or used with a rotary head. Once cleaned, block paving will need re-sanding with kiln-dried sand and slabs may need re-pointing.

Commercial Fencing and Gates

Commercial Fencing and Gates

We offer a range of commercial fencing and gates for our clients. These include post & rail fencing, picket fencing, chain link fencing, post and wire fencing. We do offer more ranges to suite your requirements, so please get in touch if you would like further details on what we can offer!

Paving Paths and Benches

Paving Paths and Benches

Paving, paths and benches, and other similar items, can be added to complement existing landscaping in all sorts of environments. Areas can be brought to life by adding simple paths and seating, whether it be through parks, woods, open areas, scrub land or around your building.

Surfacing can range from tarmac, self-binding gravel, loose gravel, bark chippings, block paving, slabs etc. These can compliment our Outdoor Fitness Equipment range by making them accessible and appealing.

Commercial Planting and Landscaping

We offer an extensive range of Commercial Planting and Landscaping. Planting especially will play an important role in how you present your business. We can tidy existing planting schemes and add extra plants, or we can design and implement whole new schemes. This may include creating new planting areas, which is where the landscaping aspect comes in.

Play Equipment

Play Equipment

We offer a huge range of play equipment from play-houses to sand pits to slides, outdoor games and sensory equipment. If you’re looking to add children’s play equipment to your school, garden, or any other area, then check out what we have to offer!

Outdoor fitness equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We offer a range of outdoor fitness equipment, as well as sport equipment, surfacing and related services. As recreation and keeping fit are becoming increasingly important, so is the provision of outdoor sports equipment and trim trails.

Design Service

We offer design and consultation services, including on-site level surveys, utilities and drainage surveys, planning advice and consultation, planting schemes, irrigation plans and maintenance/management plans.

When looking to hire a design service for any kind of outdoor project, such as a garden or driveway, it is important to consider the aesthetic value of the final product. As such, it’s best to get a feel for the contractors be seeing what they’ve worked on in the past.