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No matter what surface you choose for your driveway it is the gateway to your home. A great tarmac driveway can make your house more appealing, create valuable parking spaces for vehicles or caravans and increase the value of your home. We are known for our superb work on tarmac driveways in Lichfield and will ensure your driveway looks the best it can no matter what surface you choose to have. If you have an existing tarmac driveway or concrete driveway that is due for a face-lift, then we can help you plan the drive and offer creative ideas to give you a unique new drive. We offer a wealth of quality styles to choose from including: block paving, breedon gravel, looser gravel, permeable block paving, tarmac driveways and turf driveways.

We can provide permeable / SUDS-compliant driveways where necessary. These are marked below with a (*)

You can read our standard procedures for our work here.

Block Paving

Block paving is still very popular, offering a wide range of colours, sizes and patterns for your drive. There is now also the choice of using traditional concrete blocks or new natural stone pavers.
A 1-2-inch screed of sand is laid over the compacted hardcore layer, with blocks laid on the sand. Blocks are cut to size where necessary, kiln-dried sand brushed into all joints and the drive compacted with a vibrating plate to finish.

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Breedon Gravel

Breedon gravel is usually a pathway surface, but can be used as a driveway surface as long as a lot of turning on the surface is not expected. It is comprised of 6mm-dust aggregate which is compacted when wet to form a solid surface. It is a non-permeable surface and requires drainage.

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*Loose Gravel

Loose gravel is the cheapest and simplest type of drive surface to install. It is ideal for very large areas or drives that have a lot of trees that could potentially damage a solid drive surface. It is a flexible surface and is totally permeable, so it does not require any drainage solutions or fixed levels/falls. We usually recommend using a 14-20mm gravel size, so that chippings do not get caught in tyre treads. Gravels come in a huge amount of colours and textures, which makes personalising your drive very easy.

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*Permeable Block Paving

Permeable block paving is an alternative to loose gravel or permeable tarmac. The base preparation is different for this type of paving as it has to be fully permeable. MOT type3 hardcore is laid to a depth of 6-12”, with a 2” layer of 10mm grit screeded over the surface. Blocks are then laid on this surface with further 10mm grit brushed into the extra wide joints of the blocks to enable water to soak away freely. This is a fully permeable driveway.

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A 6” layer of compacted MOT type 1 hardcore is laid as a base for the tarmac driveway. Base course tarmac is laid and compacted to a depth of 40-60mm, with 20-30mm top coat tarmac raked, levelled and rolled over the surface to finish. Block pavers can be integrated as an edging around the perimeter of the drive or as a central feature to help break up large areas, or to personalise your drive. Contact us now for Tarmac driveways in Lichfield

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For over-flow car parks or areas that need to retain a grass finish, then Aco Ground Guard tiles can be laid on a prepared surface, filled with top soil and seeded. This gives a supported framework for the grass to grow and can be mown as and when necessary. This is a fully permeable driveway.

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